Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gosh, this New Year's was sort of a blur. Which is why I haven't been posting.... Spent most of my Christmas break eating ramen with my cat and fighting with Ben.. Then spent my New Year's arguing drink prices with some lady and getting beer spilled on me.... Then more arguing with Ben.. I haven't checked my email in about two week... and I don't wanna. I did manage to open a new bank account tho.. yay. PNC has this thing called virtual wallet which actually pays my bills for me and plans how much money I have. Having that 6 month panic attack I do.. where I'm dissatisfied with my life and I want to just move to a new place and do something else but now I'm depressed 'cause I'm too poor to have the freedom to just up and move where ever I want without telling anybody and that sucks.

Ben and I have been fighting a lot lately and I don't know what to think of it... I really like him but sometimes I like to be more in a latchkey relationship and Varying from not spending time together then spending a week together gets me confused. I know if we break up I don't think i would want to date anyone else. It'll just be more boring time with Sausage and I can think about moving or going to school.