Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Funday

This weekend, Ben took me skiing with two of our friends. Ben attempted to teach me how to snowboard (which I dutifully took to naming skiiboard all weekend to piss him off). It was kinda fucking cold but it was fun.

My Skateboard-Skiiboard-Snowboard thing.

We drove allllll the way to this place called Cascade Moutain in the mids of Wisconsin. It's full of people with too much time on their hands and way too much cold weather. First things first about snowboarding is that you gotta make sure you stay warm. I didn't get goggles 'cause I'm not hardcore enough. Ben is hardcore enough. He has goggles.

My refection shot didn't really work.. but that's me.. sorta.

I didn't get a good picture of the slopes cause my hands were too cold to use my iphone, but basically if you picture like... a big hill.. with snow and lots of skiiers... That's what it looked like. On the second day, I didn't really snowboard at all cause everything hurt from the first day of biting the snow. I mostly sat in the lodge and read Interview mag. Something I learned: snowboarding is mostly about keeping your balance so you don't fall down. Something that would have come in handy would be whiskers... or a tiny umbrella I could hold above my head like a wire walker. I wasn't reminded to bring any of those things so I fell down a lot and into a tree. Such is life.

Anyways.. next time, I'm gonna remember to bring warmer clothes and a lot more energy. Ben wants me to get good so I can snow board with him down double D's. I just wanna get good to justify an airbushed snowboard with a picture of spirit horses running though misty rainbows. Something reminicent betwixt a MLP DVD cover and those Indian spirit horses that run though shallow creeks.

And blend.

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