Friday, July 30, 2010



Only 2 more dayze...  I'm pretty much on schedule with my packing.. but enough about packing. It's mostly just deciding what clothes to bring and what to pack away to be sent to me come fall/winter.

Meeting the bff again today. Super exiting things are going on.. Can't really talk about them.. but yep.. I'm excited.

I've been talking to this super cute guy.. I really like him. He's seems really good for me and what direction I'm going in in my life. I'm planning to stop dancing. Should probably make a definitive date to work towards. Gonna go back to being poor.. Sucky.   There's just a couple more things I want to buy before I go back to having normal people money: S/S '10 Michael Kors snakeskin clutch (which should probably be on sale since I've waited so long to buy it), Jeffery Campbell shoes, and a metal detector for digging up old crap... among other things.

Think I will be interior decorating my apartment via BLEACH BLACK. I guess it's gonna have a lot of negative space.... designery. Haven't decided on if i want to paint my walls. I may do a large stencil mural with white black light paint.

Anyways.. interesting wikipedia article of the day.. M totally lied to me about that "biggest producer" fact.

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