Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jealous Lurvers


Moving time is nearing. Officially moved out of Cbus today. I'm going to miss everyone.. but things were starting to turn sour at the house. Relationship jealousy is a total bitch. I know there's often a 30-70 split of people who like to remain friends with their exes compared to people who never see, talk, hear from their exes. Do you think that just because you break up with someone you should not be friends? I guess after a relationship ends someone is just too hurt to face the other. In that case, you probably shouldn't be friends... for at least a while. I guess that's kinda the state that M and I are at. Maybe I shouldn't reach out for him. He never had very many people to depend on emotionally speaking though so I feel I should make an effort to make him feel better. But maybe I'm the cause of the problems... I should probably just shut up. M did mention that he wanted to meet up for tea maybe (like we are in fucking England?) soon... So I'm leaving it to him.

I couldn't sleep at all last night. So I searched on Craig's List for a new companion for my new apartment.  I'm receiving a Black Maine Coon kitty cat on Monday. :) He's 5 years old and apparently comes with a jealous personality. Unlike my dog, he IS neutered and declawed. I think we'll have fun. His name is Sausage. Hilar.. but somehow fitting. I'm hoping he's all black so I will not have to deal with any white hairs on my clothes... but we'll see. I like surprises.

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