Friday, July 23, 2010



I'm super happy with my life right now.. Things that have happened within the last month have totally. I really can't contain myself about how excited about this move I am.  I love the people in my life right now and everything feels safe, secure, right.. Totally ready to ditch a lot of my "luggage" literally and figuratively.  And the fact that my computer is totally on its way out...  (i'd give it a week) is kinda symbolic of all the shit in my life i need to get rid of. Buying a new macbookpro next week tho.. Think I'll become a cat person...

on a different topic.. i got my taint AND bellybutton pierced yesterday. Let me just say, it looks hot as fuck.  The bellybutton piercing totally hurt more. My bff of 17 years and I are planning to go into business together. I'm super psyched for this. I no longer want to strip.. although I enjoy it very much, It's so taxing mentally and physically.  Although, I will be doing it until I can make real people money.

I saw my ex today. lol. It's just the same story. the only ex I've been trying to get a hold of is M. After blowing up his phone for 3 days.. he txted me this morning saying, "I'll talk to you tomorrow." which i don't believe for a sec. anyways.. It's been a year since "the separation," and I feel like I'm just now getting over it completely.  I'm totally ready to not date anymore psycho douche-bags and I want someone that has stability and is over 24.  Actually, I already have a date with this really cute guy in Chicago. Hoping it goes well.

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  1. lol psycho douche-bags...yeah you need to get rid of those...bunch of kids who never grew up to face the real worldz. i hope you find someone who will treat you right!

    hopefully Chicago would be better for you!! i know it will. we could hold a big gay dinner for when your mom comes to visit...lmao. but srsly get rid of the excess baggage. well, i think if you do something excessively and without significance it's not exciting anymore, just becomes routine and boring. i should

    aww was he??